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The Fletcher Page was created in 2010 by David R. Wilson, Ph.D., as the product of research on John and Mary Fletcher in various archives and research centres over the last several years. The aim of this site is to provide an up-to-date resource for those interested in or currently contributing to Fletcher scholarship. Until very recently, Fletcher research has been eclipsed by a focus on the Wesley brothers and on George Whitefield. Significant as these figures are for study, the Fletchers with their extensive network of acquaintances which included (amongst many, many others), Lord Dartmouth, Lady Huntingdon, Henry Venn, William Grimshaw, Charles Simeon, Mary Tooth, Sarah Crosby, John Berridge, Sarah Ryan, and of course the Wesleys and Whitefield, are worthy of study in their own right. Indeed, increasing awareness of the vast number of archival manuscripts held by the Methodist Archives at the John Rylands University Library of Manchester and other archives in Britain and America, has generated new interest in the Fletchers and their household, including recent studies on Melvill Horne (who resided briefly with John Fletcher before becoming curate of Madeley), and Mary Tooth (who removed from Birmingham to Madeley in 1795, eventually residing in the vicarage with Mary Fletcher). Research on the Fletchers is also represented by a growing number of completed and in-progress Ph.D. theses.

The site is updated at least monthly and includes information on relevant upcoming conferences, recent publications, and a list of scholars who are currently involved in Fletcher research and their areas of interest. Inclusion on this list is voluntary, and if you are a Fletcher scholar, please let us know if you would like to be included on this site by using our feedback form. Also let us know if there is a relevant conference you are hosting or if you have a conference paper or article you would like to submit for posting on this site. We also have a mailing list which will notify you of updates to the Fletcher Page and keep you posted regarding ongoing Fletcher research.

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Hello, and thanks for visiting the Fletcher Page. Much of the site is still under construction, but I hope the resources you find here will be useful to you in the mean time. I will be updating various pages of the site throughout the year and welcome your suggestions or comments. Also, the beginnings of a charter for a Fletcher Society are underway, and I would be very interested in knowing of those who might like to help with the founding. Again, thanks for visiting, and check back often for updates!

-David Wilson
Director, The Fletcher Page
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