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Letter: MB to John Wesley, 6 Apr. 1761

Reference: M[ary] B[osanquet], 'Letter CLXII . From Miss B. to the Rev. Mr. Wesley [6 Apr. 1761]', AM (1781), 278-79.

April 6, 1761.     

Dear Sir,

I Have a great desire to inform you, as I am able, of the particular influences of the love and power of God, as they are at present manifested among us, while we were at prayer at Mr. Jay’s, Mrs. Jay cried out, ‘Pray for my dear Mrs. Cayley.’ They did so. At the same time she was at home pleading with God for a clean heart, till he spoke to her with power, Thou art all fair: there is no spot in thee. She then believed. Yet in the evening, she said with tears, ‘God offered me the blessing, but I let it go. I cannot believe.’ I told her the sight I had had to believe and hold fast my confidence. This comforted her much. The next day she was more confirmed; and on Monday the Lord told her, ‘I have made thee a pillar in the temple of thy God.’ And though Satan still drove hard, accusing and afflicting her, the Lord shone on her soul more and more, and her peace now flows as a river.

            The Sunday after you went, Mr. M.[1] preached at Spittlefields. After the sermon, the power of God was very present. Many were groaning and weeping before the Lord, when Sarah Webb, falling down to the ground, cried aloud, declaring that God had set her soul at liberty. At the same time, one at the bottom of the Chapel declared, The Lord had made him whole. The flame now began to spread, and every one seemed to feel, God was in that place. Fourteen or fifteen persons desired in the evening to give God thanks, for the blessings they then received.

                                                I remain, dear Sir, yours, &c.

                                                            M. B.

[1] [DRW:] Probably Thomas Maxfield who was at this time preaching for Wesley in his London chapels.

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