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Fletcher Biographical Index

† = Person ordained in the Church of England
‡ = Wesleyan Itinerant
# = Other Travelling or Guest Preacher
* = Local Wesleyan Preacher or Class Leader

Banks, T.

Barnard, Mary (c. 1707-97)

Bartlam, Elizabeth (1758-1835)

Bartlam, John (1766-1828)

Bayley [alt. Bayly], Cornelius (1751-1812)

Beard, Richard (?-1764)

Beauclerk, James, Bp. of Hereford

Benson, Joseph (1748-1821)

Berridge, John (1716-93)

Biddulph, Thomas

Blakemore, John (1778-1861)

Blummer, M[argaret?] (1750-?)

Bosanquet Family

Bosanquet, David

Bosanquet, Samuel

Bourne, Hugh

Bouverot, Rev. Mr

Bradburn, Samuel

Brain, Miss

Brettel, Jeremiah

Bridel, Mons.

Brocas, Thomas

Brontë Family

Brontë, Patrick

Brook, John

Brooke, Henry

Brooke, Mrs.

Brown, James

Burder, Henry

† Burton, Henry

Cartwright, Henry (1732-79)

Cartwright [
e Dodd], Mary [a.k.a. Molly] (1732-1812)

Cartwright, Patty (1770-85)

Chambre, Rowland (1728-96)

*Cheek, [Nicholas] Mosley

Child, Francis (1740-1806)

Clark, George

Clark, Martha

Colley, Mary [
e Fennel]

‡ Collins, William

Conyers, Dr

Cooper, Jane (1738-1762)

Costerdine, [Robert]

De Courcy [alt. DeCourcy], Richard (1743-1803)

Cox, Robert

Cowper, William

Cranage, George

† Creighton, James

*Crosby, Sarah

Crosse, John

Darby Family

Darby [née Sinclair, 
née Maude ], Abiah (1716-1794)

Darby, Abraham

Darby, Abraham II (1711-63)

Darby, Abraham III (1750-89)

Darby [
née Smith], Rebecca (1752-1834)

Davenport, Mr

Davies, Thomas

Dickenson, Peard

Dickinson [
née Darby], Ann (1812-1840)

Dickinson, Barnard (1781-1852)

Dolier, Mrs

Dorrel, Mary [
e Moore] (1744-1804)

Dorrel [alt. Darral], Joseph (c. 1751-?]

Easterbrook, Joseph (c. 1725-?)

Edmunds, Daniel (1712-?)

Edmunds, John

Edmunds [
e Roberts], Winifred (1711-?)

* Edwards, Richard

Eyton, John

Fennel Family

† Fennel, John (1762-1841)

Fennel [
e Thursfield], [Eleanor] Nelly (1743-?)

Fennel, Thomas (1741-?)

De La Flécherè Family

De La Flécherè, Henri-Louis

Fitzgerald, Lady Mary

Ford, Mrs [Charlotte?]

Freeth, John (1731-1808)

Furly, Miss

Gibbons, George

Gilbert, Nathaniel (1761-1807)

Gilpin, Joshua (1755-1828)

Gittoes, Mrs

Glascott, Cradock (c. 1743-1831)

Glynne, Mrs

Goodwin, Mrs

† Greaves, Alexander Benjamin

Greenwood, Mr and Mrs

Handley, Thomas (1766-c. 1800)

Harper, Mr

Harper, Mrs

# Harris, Howell (1714-73)

Hastings, Selina, Countess of Huntingdon

Hatton, Miss

Hatton, Samuel

Hatton, Thomas (1736-1807)

Hazledine, William (1765-1849)

Hindmarsh, Robert

Hinksman, James (1735-?)

Hinton, William Jr (c. 1736-?)

Hill Family of Hawkstone

Hill [née Powys], Ann (?-1739)

Hill, Maria (1742-1813)

HIll, Noel, First Baron Berwick of Attinham (1745-89)

Hill, Richard

Hill, Rowland (?-1783)

Hill, Samuel (1743-66)

Hill [née Noel], Susanna Maria (-1760)

Hill, Susanna (1741-61)

Hill, Thomas

Hocart, James (1834-99)

Horne, Melvill[e] (c. 1761-1841)

Hotchkiss, Benjamin

Hughes, Mrs

Ireland, James (1724-1814)

Jehu, Mr

* Jenkins, Sarah

Jones, J.

Jones, William (1764-1842)

Kynaston Family

Lees, [Roden] Serjeant

Leir [alt. Lear], [Thomas] (c. 1738-1812)

Legge, William, Second Earl of Dartmouth (1731-1801)

Leveson-Gower, Granville, First Marquess of Stafford (1721-1803)

Lewis, Rev. Mr

Ley, William (fl. 1750-80)

Lloyd, Mr

Longmore, Benjamin (1779-?)

Loxdale, Miss

de Luc, Jean-André (1727-1817)

Maber, Peter

March, Jane C. (1743-c. 1813)

Marriott, William (1753-1815)

Martindale, Miles (1756-1824)

Mather, Alexander

Matthews, Widow [Mary] (1713-88)

* Maxfield, Thomas (?-1784)

Merryweather, Mr

Morgan, William

‡ Murlin, John

Newton, John (1725-1807)

‡ Oliver, John

Onions Family

Onions (
e  Jones), [Ann]

Onions, Michael (1739-?)

Onions, Michael (1768-1785)

Onions, Mrs

Onions, [Miss, Sister of Michael Onions]

Owen Family

Owen, Miss

Owen, Mr

Owen, John (1741-?)

Owen, Sally

Palmer, [Robert] (1717-80)

Palmer, [Mrs Robert]

Pattrick, George (--1800) [AM(1801), 74-76]

Peckett, Margaret [Appleton]

Perks Family

Perks, George (1752-1833)

Perronet, Charles

Perronet, Henry

Perronet, Vincent

Perry, George

Pool [alt. Poole], T[homas?]

Power, Mr

Prytherch, Stephen (1720-86)

Purton, William (1721-74)

Randall, John (1810-1910)

Rankin, Thomas (1738-1810)

Reynolds, Richard

Reynolds, William

Riland, John

Roberts, Robert

Rogers [
e Roe], Hester Ann (1754-94)

Rogers, James

Ruter, Martin (1785-1838)

Ryan, Sarah

Sansom, Jane

# Scott, Capt. Jonathan (1735-1807)

† Sellon, Walter (1715-1792)

Shirley, Walter

† Simeon, Charles (1759-1836)

Simpson, David

Simpson, Miss

Slaughter, James (1708-81)

Slaughter, Thomas

Slaughter, Thomas Jr

Smith, Elizabeth

Smyth, William

Spruce, Barnabas

† Stillingfleet, Edward (c. 1732-95)

† Stillingfleet, James

Stretton [alt. Strutton] [
e Mumford], Mrs [Mary]

Stretton [alt. Strutton], Samuel

Suter, Alexander

Talbot, William (1717-74)

Taylor, Jeremiah [alt. Jeremy]

Thornton, John

Thornton, Mrs

Tooth Family

Tooth, Eliza

Tooth, Mary

Tooth, Rosamond

Tooth, Samuel

* Tranter, J[ohn?] (1760-?)

Turner, Dr

‡ Valton, John

Vaughan, Mr

Venn, Henry

Waddy, Richard

Wales, Mary (c. 1723-92)

† Walker, Samuel

Walter, Samuel

[née Cranage]
, Jane (1739-79)

Wesley Family

Wesley, Charles

Wesley, John

Wesley, Samuel

William Weston

Wilkes, John

Wilkinson, John

Mary Wright 
[née Webb] (of Stourport) (c. 1776-1799)

Yate, Mrs (of Madeley)

York, Mrs

York, John

York, Thomas

† = Person ordained in the Church of England
‡ = Wesleyan Itinerant
# = Other Travelling or Guest Preacher
* = Local Wesleyan Preacher or Class Leader

This biographical index has been created and is copyrighted ©2005-2011 by David R. Wilson with the exception of several biographies contributed by other Fletcher scholars whose contributions are acknowledged at the bottom of their respective entries. The biographical index here was inapired in part by the work of Gareth Lloyd who has created the Methodist Archives Biographical Index on the JRULM website, and several of the entries here rely upon his earlier work there as noted in the index. The index has benefitted immensely from the author's coversations wtih Peter Forsaith, and his footnotes in Unexampled Labours. Extensive research has been made into the Arminian Magazine and its succesive versions, the Methodist Magazine and the Wesleyan Methodist Magazine. Likewise, Foster, Alumni Oxoniensis, Venn and Venn, Alumni Cantabrigienses, Donald M. Lewis, ed. Dictionary of Evangelical Biography, the Oxford Dictionary of National Biography, and the Dictionary of Methodism in Britain and Ireland  have been very useful and are recommended in some instances for fuller biographies than might be found on the Fletcher Page. Many of the biographies here, however, are unique to the Fletcher Page, and will, we hope, aide in further research.

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